Secure storage and charging

Secure storage and charging
With an increasing usage of lithium-ion batteries; the demand for safe storage and consistent guidelines is also increasing. This mobile storage locker offers the solution thanks to an automatic extinguishing system. The lithium-ion lockers are equipped with a foam extinguisher specifically for extinguishing lithium-ion batteries (class EN 1568 and EN3-7).

Automatic extinguishing system
The locker is equipped with a special foam extinguisher for the extinguishing of lithium-ion batteries. At the top of each compartment is a detection line which also doubles as a sprinkler. When a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius is reached, the sprinkler will automatically begin to extinguish the battery.

Power supply
Each compartment can be equipped with a 230V charging point. In addition to safely storing the batteries, you can charge them at the same time.

Do you have a specific requirement? We can explain the options and further explain the revolutionary extinguishing system.

  • 10 to maximum 30 compartments
  • Suitable for batteries of e-bikes, laptops, electric power tools, smartphones.
  • Foam extinguisher for medium and heavy fires according to class EN 1568 and EN3-7

  • Customization possible. Also in combination with our other safes. Ask us about other options.
  • Compartments equipped with detection and extinguishing line.
  • Available with or without charging points.